Shop Local at Company Flowers for Valentine’s Day!

Company FlowersOver 30 years ago, Marnie Nicholson had no idea that she was opening up a business that would become a lasting staple of the Arlington community. Her unwavering love for her craft led her and her husband, John, on a journey to become the owners of Company Flowers. 

Originally from Wheeling, West Virginia, Marnie moved to DC in 1961 to be a part of a trade association for the Flower Industry. Not too long after, Marnie met John while volunteering at a community event through church.

Weaved into the history of Arlington, Company Flowers had humble beginnings. Marnie started out making arrangements out of her church’s basement from donated, dying flowers. After 14 years of making beautiful arrangements out of the expired Gardenias, Marnie decided, “We can do better.” She began to make small arrangements for a friend's catering business. 

Once a shop on what she affectionately calls ”The Stip” (Lee Heights Shops) opened up, John and Marnie decided to take the space. Still a bit nervous about their major business venture, Marnie put an arrangement of Ivy Topiaries in the window to see if they would garner any interest. To her delight, they were gone in 3 hours. It was then that Marnie knew that “They [Arlingtonians] were ready.” Company Flowers stayed at that Lee Heights Shops location for 9 years and then moved to their current location-  2107 N Pollard St, where they have brought beauty into the community for more than 25 years. 

Marnie, John and their family would spend their vacation traveling to art shows to find new artists and gifts to share with the Arlington community. Marnie also sells the artwork of local artisans and artists.

Company Flowers is a story of a family, a lifelong love, and a community.  If you haven’t checked them out yet, it’s not too late to get that last minute gift for your Valentine!

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