Tree Canopy

Environmental Sustainability and Resiliency


Promote Environmental Sustainability and Resiliency
Transform Langston Boulevard into a Green Main Street

Reduce energy use and emissions.

Buildings and transportation are two of the biggest culprits in climate change. So as developers contemplate new buildings on Langston Blvd., each must meet the test...

Reduce Emissions
Biophilic Design

Encourage green infrastructure and biophilic design.

Arlington has long used large pipes to channel runoff and stormwater away, but that “gray” infrastructure is aging and overwhelmed by the growing need.

Manage stormwater and flood risk.

Langston Blvd., flanked by many commercial and residential buildings dating back to the ‘60s, will need significant upgrades and county investment to help manage stormwater and flood risk as it redevelops.

Manage Stormwater
Tree Canopy

Increase and protect tree canopy.

Achieve a 35% tree canopy by 2035 in the core area. Let's say you're flying, like Peter Pan, above Arlington. What do you see? A lot of buildings, parking lots, streets and highways.

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