Go Native!

Are you looking for plants that will beautify your yard while requiring a minimum of maintenance? The plants that evolved here are the ones for you! The more local the origin of a plant, the more likely it is to be adapted to our particular soils and climate. There could be a big difference in the cold and heat tolerance of an Eastern Red Columbine that evolved in Virginia compared to one that 
evolved in Saskatchewan, even if they do look alike!

We are fortunate in Northern Virginia to have many sources of native plants. Two nurseries that offer and contact-free pick up are Nature By Design and Earth Sangha. Traditional commercial nurseries are selling more and more native plant (but don’t expect to find natives at big box stores).

 Another great resource, including a free downloadable plant guide, is Plant NOVA Natives. The plant guide showcases the attractive variety of plants native to Northern Virginia, with more details about preferred sun, soil and moisture requirements.

Our local wildlife also agree that native plants are the best. In fact, the ecosystem is entirely dependent on the plants that evolved with our bees, butterflies, birds, etc. Why not give them a home on your property?

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