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5064 Langston Boulevard 1954 Kate Giroux

MacPherson’s Opticians has been serving Arlington since 1956. The current owner, Kate Giroux, took over from the founder, Bill MacPherson, in 1976 and has been running it ever since. Kate was one of the first women to be a licensed optician in Virginia and takes pride that she broke the glass ceiling of what was once a male dominated practice. MacPherson Opticians is the last independent optician in Arlington, and they are one of the last in the state to have an in-store lab. They pride themselves in the range and quality of service this allows them to provide. As a testament to the type of business they run, most of the employees of MacPherson’s have been there for years, and five of them are licensed opticians at a time when most large chains only have one. They have been helping generations of Arlingtonians with their optical needs and handle everything from pediatric glasses to the most difficult prescriptions. Kate and her team have consistently strived to provide a community “safe harbor” where customers can get comfortable with and be sure of their choices. Above all else, they are committed to getting their customers the right glasses and prescriptions, and they always stand behind their work.

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