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3811 Langston Boulevard 1994 Annie Moyer

Current co-owner of Sun and Moon Yoga Studio, Annie Moyer learned about the benefits of yoga at a young age but did not take a direct path to yoga instruction or studio ownership. As a high school teacher with young children, Annie started attending classes in the early 2000s to improve her mental and physical well being. By that time, the studio was already well established in the Arlington community, having been founded by JJ Gormley in 1994. In 2005 JJ sold ownership of Sun and Moon to Amir Tahami at a time when Annie was making life changes that included teaching in the studio full time. Along with teaching, Annie began to use her skills to help with the management of the studio. From this blossomed a professional and then personal partnership between the two co-owners. Annie and Amir think of their studio as a mom and pop community business, where they help to develop both th. They see their clientele as part of a larger community family that they are honored to be a part of.

Annie is also proud and honored that their studio space was the location of an Arlington Civil Rights Movement sit-in at what was then the Drug Fair lunch counter. In 1960 about a dozen people took part in a peaceful demonstration protesting the inability for Black patrons to be served as a Whites-only lunch counter. The county-wide protests would lead to a peaceful desegregation of local businesses. This history means a lot to Annie because one of the core tenets of Yoga is a social consciousness.

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