Pastries by Randolph

4500 Cherry Hill Road 1988 Marc and Deborah Randolph, Cynthia McLachlan

After training in Europe, and running the pastry shops at Le Cirque and Windows on The World, Marc Randolph took over at the iconic Watergate Pastry shop in Washington, DC. Deborah Randolph joined him there as a talented chocolatier. After meeting Cynthia McLachlan in Seattle and seeing her talent as a cake decorator, she was asked to join them. They soon became an award winning trio known for their extravagant flavors and creativity. Together, they decided that starting their own pastry shop should be their next step. So, Marc put together a business plan, they found a perfect space along Langston Boulevard, and Marc, Deborah, and Cynthia opened the doors to Pastries by Randolph in 1988, bringing their considerable and diverse talents together to make their standout pastries loved by Arlingtonians. Their goal early on was to wow their customers with the wide variety and masterful styles of their pastries; a trip through their doors today shows this still to be true.

For over thirty years they have been a from-scratch pastry shop using only the finest ingredients to bring exceptional creations to their customers. They are proud of the success and loyalty they have found along the corridor. They are equally proud that they now have three generations of family coming up in this amazing neighborhood pastry shop.

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