Northside Veterinary Clinic

4003 Langston Boulevard 1949 Drs. Adam and Fiona McClure

When Dr. Adam McClure was a kid, his father, James, used to bring him to work at Northside Veterinary Clinic on Langston Boulevard. The clinic was started in 1949 by the Francis family, who brought on James McClure as a partner; James would become sole proprietor in the 1980s when Adam was a boy. Even though his dad mainly had him sweep and clean up, he attributes that experience to veterinary sciences getting into his blood. He is a third-generation vet and the second-generation family owner of the clinic. He is proud to see the same families he knew from his childhood still coming in as clients. Adam knew when he went away to college he would eventually return home to take over the clinic from his father.

After meeting his wife Fiona, who is also a veterinarian, in college, they both moved back to the area and took over the practice in 2001. His father taught him from a very young age to treat their clients and their pets like family, and he attributes that to the ongoing success of the practice. While he notices the changes happening in Arlington, the relationships they build with people and their pets have remained the same. He thinks that will be the key to his legacy business succeeding, and he knows that this would make his father proud.

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