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5040 Langston Boulevard 1993 Tony Awad

Tony Awad, owner of Photo Scope Studios, moved to Arlington from Lebanon as a teen, attending local high schools and George Mason University. After working in engineering for a few years, Tony decided he wanted to try his hand at a small business. At the time One Hour Photo shops were a growing market, so when space became available on the corridor, Tony opened Photo Scope Studios as a One-Hour Photo thinking he would grow the business for a couple of years, sell it, and move on to another opportunity. That was nearly 32 years ago. Tony quickly realized that owning a small business was an amazing experience that let him be successful while also allowing time for his family. It also provided him the opportunity to create long-lasting relationships in the Arlington community, by helping people preserve their memories and most important life moments. As photography moved to the digital space, Tony adapted and expanded his offerings, succeeding while other large photography chains and One-Hour Photos were going under. He credits his success to understanding his customer needs, along with his children (many of whom have worked in the studio) bringing in new ideas and digital services.

Tony believes that one of the reasons legacy businesses like his are successful is their relationship to the community. As one example, he takes pride in providing job opportunities for generations of local teens (he guesses around 80 over the years), providing them the skills and work ethic to succeed in their lives.

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